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Accounts payable extreme make over – Self-Service eInvoice and other Procure to Pay process 

03-05-2012 14:41

Accounts payable extreme make over – Self-Service eInvoice and other Procure to Pay process improvements:
(1) Electronic payment/remittance file (820)
a. Avoid print and mail check to vendor
b. Create an electronic payment / remittance file (EDI 820) to Wells Fargo Bank
c. The transaction set can be used to make a payment and (or) send a remittance advice
d. Rows found on pymnt_advice table for advices associated to Pay Cycles that have a payment method of Electronic Funds Transfer
e. Run by user manually only once per pay cycle, can be reprocess if needed
f. Vendor need to able to process/support the method

(2) Electronic Invoice /GHX (810)
a. Current send electronic PO to GHX, then transfer to vendor
b. Vendor send invoice to GHX
c. AE Retrieve electronic invoice file from GHX
d. Paring PO #, line #, description in file to PO in PS
e. loading into quick voucher table via CI
f. Run voucher build to create voucher
g. Configure matching to delay matching for 3 days
h. Process not go live yet

(3) Matching exception enhancement
a. 3 way matching (PO, receive, voucher)
b. Clean up deliver matching rules and add new rules
c. Configurate workflow (with custom SQL) route to appropriate responsible party
d. If responsible party has been terminated (user account locked), custom workflow will route to alternate user set up in user profile
e. Add attachment functionality in voucher page, AP will scan PO related invoice and attach to voucher
f. If exception exists, purchasing can open voucher and invoice without waiting for AP to forward paper invoice
g. Modify worklist page to open comment fields, buyer can add comment on page if exception can’t be solve right away
h. Matching aging report
i. Have all the fields needed to solve matching issue, in more meaningful way
ii. Showing buyer comment
iii. Showing how many days this exception been work on
iv. Schedule query email to managers
i. Customization to enable mass update of tolerances at the category level or for all categories via one page.

(4) View invoice from portal
a. Single point, user friendly page to look for invoice status and attachment
b. All source of invoice flow to AP will show in this page
c. Life cycle status AP status
i. Not submitted (save for later)
ii. Awaiting Manager Approval
iii. Awaiting AP Approval
iv. Awaiting AP Batch Process
v. Voucher Created
vi. Awaiting Matching
vii. Invoice Paid
viii. Cancelled
d. Show payment information (check# and payment date) and invoice attachment
e. When vendor call users directly, they can easily find out the current status, eliminate AP as middle man

(5) Self-service eInvoice and check request
a. Prior process:
i. When vendor send non-PO invoice to AP, they have no way to know who’s responsible for the payment
ii. Paper invoice bounce between departments to try to find a proper approver
iii. When vendor call department directly about invoice, no way to find out status automatically
iv. Department assign the code (account/department) on paper invoice, AP have to match signature manually with excel file, hard to track the approver change
v. All PO related invoice will mail to AP department for matching
b. Modify existing ePro module to handle eInvoice
i. Leverage existing workflow approval and attachment function in ePro
ii. Eliminate non-PO paper invoice and matching signature for approval
iii. No future training needed, existing ePro user are mostly eInvoice user
iv. Utilized a custom Variable Table to limit Categories to those related to Non-PO required Accounts.
c. System flow
i. End users scan paper invoice
ii. Log into ePro
iii. Create special order
iv. Enter invoice ID, date, vendor, amount, description, and chartfields
v. Attach invoice
vi. Submit
vii. Get same approval as ePro
viii. Nightly job flow approve requisition (eInvoice) to custom AP center
ix. AP staff verify invoice and entered information, approve or denial
x. Once approved, nightly job insert data into voucher staging table, run voucher build, and posting
xi. Department can view invoice status via “View my invoice” on portal

(6) Employee expense transfer to payroll
a. Before move to payroll
i. No auto sync employee as vendor
ii. Hard to maintain employee address, name or status change
iii. Can create duplicate vendors
iv. Print / mail check to employee and they have to deposit in the bank
v. No way to track the status once submit the reimbursement form
b. Benefit move to payroll
i. Employee status, name, address change is part of pay process
ii. Direct deposit as part of the pay cycle
iii. Employee can check expense detail on self-service view pay check
iv. No need to maintain employee as vendor in AP
c. System consideration in moving expense to payroll
i. Combo edit in HCM
ii. Payroll / GL interface modification

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