HIUG Feedback

If you have feedback or need to contact a Community Chair, please use the grid below to determine which person is most suited to help you with your question. If you aren't sure, please contact any one of our Board members and they will help guide you to the right person.  For general HIUG inquiries, please contact support at: support@hiug.org or (602) 792-9190.

Board Contacts


Financials Management

Valerie Truell: valerie.l.truell@hitchcock.org
Pam Hedrick: phedrick@comhs.org

HIUG Executive Community

Trudy Melzer Pavlik: melzertt@upmc.edu
Warren Harber: warren.r.harber@kp.org

Human Capital Management

Kimberly Ryan: ryankj@shands.ufl.edu

Supply Chain Management

Marianne Rolin: rolinm@upmc.edu
Anil Kasinadhuni: anil.v.kasinadhuni@kp.org


Cheryl Gikas: cheryl.gikas@childrens.harvard.edu
Ted Lewis: theodore.lewis@bjc.org

Cloud Applications

Jane Boyer: boyerj@upmc.edu

General Inquiries

Email: support@hiug.org
Phone: (602) 792-9190

Special Interest Groups

Data Analytics

Nitant Chakranarayan: 


Lease Admin

Pamela Hedrick: phedrick@comhs.org

License Verification

John Sterwart: jstewart@houstonmethodist.org

Matching Process

Neha Sultan: neha.sultan@nm.org
Jaclyn Ridgeway: ridgewayj@upmc.edu

Mobile Inventory

Maurice Alvarado: maurice.alvarado@ahss.org

PeopleSoft Security

Cheryl Gikas: Cheryl.Gikas@childrens.harvard.edu

PeopleSoft System Administration

Ted Lewis: theodore.lewis@bjc.org
John Uthamadhas:John.Uthamadhas@ahss.org

Position Management

Deborah Miller: milldh@shands.ufl.edu
Kimberly Ryan: ryankj@shands.ufl.edu

Supplier Maintenance

Gina Colombo: gcolombo@comhs.org

Recruiting Solutions

Tracy Sayre: tracie.sayre@hshs.org