Agenda Builder

Following are some of the many perks from building your HIUG Interact Conference 2015 agenda:

  • Having a proactive strategy of attending the sessions that are most beneficial to you and your organization
  • Ability to organize where and when you need to be in a session
  • Help the Interact HIUG Planning Team accommodate seating based upon the interest shown per session

Have you reviewed the Agenda and determined which sessions you want to attend?  Great! Now you are ready to build your agenda!

To Build Your Agenda

  1. After you are registered for the conference, click the "Build Your Agenda" button below.
  2. On the right hand side of the page click "View Your Registration"
  3. Select the My Agenda tab
  4. Click the Edit Agenda button
  5. Filter the sessions by track, or view all sessions available for each day/time slot
  6. Click anywhere within the [Click to add a Session] and a drop down menu with available sessions will appear. With the Agenda Builder feature you are able to schedule multiple sessions for each time slot, as well as an area for you to add personal appointments to your schedule!
  7. Once you have added each of your sessions, click Done Editing at the top of the page
  8. You may also select the Search button that will give you mutliple search options for the full agenda

Build Your Agenda

Major Sponsors


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The Interact Annual Conference is hosted in by the
Healthcare Industry User Group -  Phone: (602) 792-9190