Healthcare Industry User GroupINTERACT 2018Phoenix, AZ, June 17-20

Registration Policies

Terms and Conditions

  • Registration fees must be paid in full before the rate increases to the next level (i.e. Early Bird to Conference and so on). If full payment is not received, registrations will be canceled and attendees must re-register at the prevailing higher rate.
  • If your organization is sending over FIVE attendees contact Interact Support for information on how to receive $100 off each registration after five (5) PAID registrations (complimentary presenter and sponsored registrations do not count towards the five paid registrations).
  • All Interact 2018 registered attendees and guests must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All Interact 2018 registered guests must not be in any industry-related position. Co-workers or associates in the industry do not qualify. Guests are welcome to participate in the Sunday Keynote, opening reception and the Tuesday Night Theme Party.
  • Attendees from institutions within 75 miles of conference site and where institution travel guidelines will not allow an overnight stay due to close proximity may request a waiver of the requirement to stay at an official conference hotel. Contact Interact Support to request the exemption.
  • If you are exhibitor staff or Oracle staff and your registration was not included as part of your company's Sponsorship package, you must pay the prevailing conference rate to attend

Payment Information

All fees payable in U.S. Dollars

MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, checks/cheques and wire transfers are accepted.

Payments by Check

Payments by check must be received prior to the prevailing rate cut-off date for the amount being paid. If you are paying by check, the registration web server will generate an invoice that MUST be printed and sent with the check (payable to "Healthcare Industry User Group" in U.S. funds). If you are paying for multiple invoices, please include a copy of each invoice. Mail payments to:

HIUG Interact Conference
1201 S Alma School Rd., Suite 11100
Mesa, AZ 85210

Payments by Wire Transfers or Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Please refer to this document for instructions.

Purchase orders are not accepted.

Group Payments

An institution’s credit or procurement card can be used to pay an individual or multiple registrations by having the attendee register and indicate payment by check or by group payment. You can do up to 10 invoices at a time. The registrant will be provided an Order ID and Order Key to be used in the instructions below to pay for one or more invoices:

  1. Collect all invoices that will be paid within group pay.
  2. Go to Group Pay.
  3. Enter the Order Id and the Order Key provided.
  4. Click the 'Add' button. The window will be updated displaying the invoice information and cost.
  5. If you wish to pay for additional invoices at the same time, enter the Order Id and the Order Key for each of those invoices, and click the 'Add' button after each one.
  6. When you have entered all the invoices you wish to pay, click the 'Done' button to proceed to the payment window.
  7. A window will display listing all the invoices to be paid and a total for these invoices. If everything is correct, click the 'Pay with Credit Card' button at the bottom. Our credit card payment window will then allow you to complete the transaction.

Substitutions / Cancellations / Refunds

Substitution Policy: Transfer of registration is allowed at any time at no cost. Only one transfer is permitted per original registrant with written consent. The individual submitting the substitution request is responsible for all financial obligations associated with that substitution as well as updating any contact/demographic information. Please fill out this form and email it to

Cancellations Policy: Registration cancellations are subject to a $75 cancellation fee and require written notice of cancellation via email to Interact Support and received no later than May 18, 2018. No refunds will be given for cancellation requests received after May 18, 2018 or for no-shows.

Liability Disclaimer

I declare that I have read the registration details and cancellation policies and agree to participate in the conference and activities sponsored by, or relating to, the Healthcare Industries User Group, Inc., an Arizona not for-profit corporation (hereafter "HIUG"). HIUG makes no representations of claims as to the condition or safety of the conference venue, structures or surroundings, whether or not owned, leased, operated or maintained by HIUG. I understand that all activities are VOLUNTARY and that I do not have to participate unless I choose to do so. I understand that HIUG and its representatives have made no representations to me as to the safety of my travel to or from, or appearance at, any conference activities. I understand that HIUG does NOT provide any insurance coverage for my person or property. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my safety and my own health care needs, and for the protection of my property. In exchange for allowing me to participate in these HIUG activities and events, I agree to release HIUG from liability, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless HIUG and any HIUG agent, officer or representative acting within the scope of their duties, for any injury to my person or my property and understand that this form shall constitute a general waiver of liability of HIUG. This release shall be binding upon my successors in interest and/or any person(s) claiming on my behalf. I understand that this agreement is complete unto itself and that any oral promises or representations made to me concerning this agreement and /of its terms are not binding upon HIUG, its officers, agents and/or representatives.


By attending Interact, all attendees hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the use by HIUG and its assignees and licensees of any and all photographs and video images taken. This includes any reproduction of the images in any form in any media whatsoever.


For more information regarding administrative policies such as concerns and refund/cancellation, please contact our office.

Phone: 602-792-9190