25th Anniversary Interact

Interact 2019 Partner & Vendor Hall Layout

Platinum Booth    
Appsian 203 http://www.appsian.com Appsian
Oracle 103 http://www.oracle.com Oracle
Gold Booth    
Canon Information & Imaging Solutions 303 http://www.ciis.canon.com Canon Information & Imaging Solutions
KPMG LLP https://home.kpmg.com/us/en/home.html KPMG LLP
Maverick Solutions 218 http://www.mavericksolutions.net Maverick Solutions
Pricewaterhouse Coopers https://www.pwc.com/us/en/industries/health-industries.html Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Prodigo Solutions 219 http://www.prodigosolutions.com Prodigo Solutions
Silver Booth    
ADP, LLC 311 http://www.adp.com/smartcompliance ADP, LLC
ALKU 109 http://www.alku.com ALKU
Cerner Corporation 117 http://www.cerner.com Cerner Corporation
ERP Analysts 208 http://www.erpanalysts.com ERP Analysts
Presence of IT 310 http://www.peoplesoft.presenceofit.com Presence of IT
Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. 307 http://www.smarterp.com Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.
SpearMC 320 http://www.spearmc.com SpearMC
Velocity Technology Solutions 306 http://www.velocitycloud.com Velocity Technology Solutions
Bronze Booth    
ArcLight Consulting 316 http://www.arclightconsulting.com ArcLight Consulting
Aspire Consulting LLC 209 http://www.aspire-consulting.com Aspire Consulting LLC
Ciber Global 313 http://www.ciber.com Ciber Global
Deloitte 211 https://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/technology/topics/oracle.html Deloitte
Edict Systems 216 http://www.edictsystems.com Edict Systems
Elire Inc. 215 https://elire.com Elire Inc.
Emtec http://www.emtec.com Emtec
EverCheck 212 http://www.evercheck.com EverCheck
GHX 308 http://www.ghx.com GHX
Gideon Taylor Consulting 314 http://gideontaylor.com Gideon Taylor Consulting
HIGHSTREET 217 http://www.highstreet.com HIGHSTREET
Hyland 111 http://www.hyland.com Hyland
Invoice Delivery Services Inc. 312 http://www.invoicedeliveryservices.com Invoice Delivery Services Inc.
JOLT Advantage Group 214 http://www.joltag.com JOLT Advantage Group
Kastech Software Solutions Group 119 http://www.kastechssg.com Kastech Software Solutions Group
MIPRO Consulting 121 http://www.miproconsulting.com MIPRO Consulting
New Resources Consulting 213 http://www.nrconsults.com New Resources Consulting
Nordic 105 http://www.nordicwi.com Nordic
Phire, Inc. 309 http://www.phire-soft.com Phire, Inc.
PS Websolution, Inc. 204 http://www.pswebsolution.com PS Websolution, Inc.
Remy Corporation 205 http://www.remycorp.com Remy Corporation
RF-SMART 304 http://www.rfsmart.com RF-SMART
Sentinel Software 113 http://www.sentinelsoftware.com Sentinel Software
Sierra-Cedar 207 http://www.sierra-cedar.com Sierra-Cedar
Syft 210 http://www.SyftCo.com Syft
TAM Training 206 http://www.tamtraining.com TAM Training
Travercent 107 http://www.travercent.com Travercent

The Interact Annual Conference is hosted in by the
Healthcare Industry User Group
 interact@hiug.org -  Phone: (602) 792-9190(602) 792-9190