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2020 marks the 26th anniversary of HIUG annual conferences. Despite the current global situation which resulted in the cancellation of the June 2020 in-person conference, the upcoming Virtual Interact event promises to provide an excellent opportunity for you to reach out to your friends and clients in the Healthcare Industry. Now, more than ever, it is important to consider participating in this excellent opportunity, both as a way of showing your support for this vibrant and active community, as well as a way to increase your corporate visibility within the healthcare sector.  

As a conference sponsor, our vendor partners can participate by sharing their expertise through vendor sessions and co-presenting with clients. Your colleagues can attend any of the offered sessions as a way to further their own professional development goals, and our sponsors will be able to interact with other attendees via the conference mobile app. We have severely limited the number of vendor partners that will be able to participate in Virtual Interact 2020, so don't delay, make your plans now to be part of this exciting event!

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Vendor Presentations

Sponsors of Virtual Interact 2020 can participate in presentations two different ways:

Co-Presentation with a Client

A client that is a HIUG member may submit a session proposal for consideration that includes your company as a co-presenter. No costs are associated with this type of presentation; however, your client must be the primary presenter, and they are responsible for submitting the proposal. If the session is accepted, your client's primary presenter will be informed. Vendors co-presenting with clients must be a sponsor of Virtual Interact 2020 and be registered for the conference.

Sponsorship Presentations

  • A full hour presentation slot is included with the Community Sponsorship, and the Presenting Sponsorship; individual vendor session slots are not available for purchase.

Note: All vendor presenters must either purchase a registration or use one of those included with your company's main sponsorship.

Recommendations for Vendor Presentations -

  • Due to the short period of time leading up to Virtual Interact 2020, it is imperative that ALL vendor session submissions be submitted prior to the agenda being published in order to ensure that your session can scheduled, and available to be selected as attendees prepare their personal conference agendas.
  • Vendors should avoid including any sales type references of any type (e.g. "our product compares well with brand x and in fact we can offer all of you a great discount because you came to this session today").
  • Some vendors choose to use their vendor session to showcase one or more of their client success stories by having their HIUG Member client(s) conduct the presentation.
  • If a client is submitting a session proposal that includes your company as a co-presenter, be sure to have your client keep you informed as sessions are selected and scheduled as these notices are sent to the primary presenter only.
Sponsor Registrations

IMPORTANT - Your sponsorship includes 4 Registrations. Each of these Registrations includes access to all sessions. If your organization wishes to have additional staff participate in the conference, please be sure to purchase these in advance so that there is no delay once the conference is underway.

All sponsors will be sent a special vendor code which will allow you to register your team for the conference. This code will be used for all your Registrations and is exclusive to your company. This code must be used when registering your team with the complimentary registrations that come with your Sponsorship, as well as any additional  Registrations required (additional vendor registrations are $200 p.p.)

Sponsorship Contact

Bob Blackburn
Healthcare Industry User Group Exhibits Management
Email: rnb@blackburnconsulting.ca
Phone: (519) 500-1412

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The Interact Annual Conference is hosted by the Healthcare Industry User Group
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