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Interact 2020 Partner List & Partner Hall Layout

Gold Booth    
Appsian 207 Appsian
Silver Booth    
MIPRO Consulting 317 MIPRO Consulting
SpearMC 216 SpearMC
Bronze Booth    
Aspire Consulting LLC 117 Aspire Consulting LLC
Elire Inc. 307 Elire Inc.
Huron 107 Huron
Kastech Software Solutions Group 206 Kastech Software Solutions Group
Nordic 105 Nordic
PS WebSolution Inc 217 PS WebSolution Inc
Remy Corporation 208 Remy Corporation
Sierra-Cedar 205 Sierra-Cedar
Syft 204 Syft

Major Sponsors

The Interact Annual Conference is hosted in by the
Healthcare Industry User Group -  Phone: (602) 792-9190(602) 792-9190