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Interact 2022 Presenter Information

The Interact conference is known as a user-driven conference with quality presentations. Speakers should use the guidelines listed below in developing and submitting their proposals.

Guidelines for Presenters

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Tips for Presentations

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Community Chairs

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General Information for Presenters

  1. All sessions MUST HAVE 40-45 minutes of content, prior to Q&A.  By submitting a session you are agreeing that your session will meet this requirement.
  2. The presentation tells a story relevant to the member's experiences with Oracle.
  3. Primary presenter must be a regular member of the Healthcare Industry User Group. ONLY THE PRIMARY PRESENTER is eligible for a free registration if the session is accepted.
  4. Co-Presenters must also be a regular member of the HIUG. Co-Presenters are not eligible for a conference registration waiver.
  5. Exhibitors may be co-presenters ONLY if they are also an exhibitor at the Interact 2022 Conference.  No exceptions will be made. Please visit the Exhibitor Section for complete guidelines for exhibitor participation.  If you are not sure about the status of one of your co-presenters, please contact the Conference Chair for clarification.
  6. Exhibitor co-presenters will not include sales-type references of any kind. (IE: Our product compares well with brand "X" and in fact we can offer all of you in healthcare a great discount because you came to this session today.)
  7. All Oracle employee presentations must be approved by the Oracle representative to the Interact 2022 team and the content specific HIUG Community Chair.
  8. Housing - Any presenters receiving a registration discount must stay at the official Interact Conference Hotel and book through the official housing bureau (Do not go directly to the hotel to book your room). You will be asked for your hotel confirmation number when you start the registration process. Primary Presenters from institutions within 75 miles of the conference site or where institutional travel guidelines will not allow an overnight stay due to close proximity may request a waiver of this requirement. Contact conference support at to request the exemption. 
Presenter Tips

Quick Tips to a Good Presentation:

  • Include a brief introduction of your organization and your Oracle journey.
  • Provide an overview of the topic
  • Why you chose delivered over customization
  • Obstacles you faced, and/or are currently facing
  • Include lessons learned 
  • Be sure to leave time for questions

This document is meant to help session presenters (experienced and newcomers alike) achieve the best presentation possible. Presenters are not required to use the Interact Template but it is highly encouraged.

Official Interact 2022 Template

Presentation Tips

Upload/Update Presentation

A presentation draft must be submitted by April 22, 2022 and all final presentation must be submitted no later than June 6, 2022.

Upload Your Presentation:

1) Go to My Presentations 
2) Find and click on the presentation you need to upload the file(s).
3) Click the Files icon icon on the left, and upload each of your files.
NOTE: If you have any problems uploading files, please forward your files with the conference name, session number and title to so they can be added into the system on your behalf. 

View Your Session: go to My Presentations and select the session to review (you must have a HIUG login to access). 

Update Your Session: If you would like to make any changes to your presentation, please email your Community Chair.

CPE Presenter Instructions
Read below for more information about being a CPE Presenter
  1. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a requirement for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to maintain an active license.
  2. Attendees have access to current CPE eligible sessions available for Interact 2022 through the conference website.
  3. Audience engagement is required for all CPE sessions. Regular sessions must have at least one (1) questions that engages audience participation. Workshop session must have at least three (3) questions that engage audience participation. Be sure to include these questions on a slide in your PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Sessions that are classified as regular sessions should have 50 minutes of content. Sessions that are classified as workshop sessions should have 150 minutes of content. Attendee in the sessions that do not meet the time requirement will receive partial credit for the time in the session. 
  5. Sessions with Intermediate, Advanced, or Update knowledge level require a prerequisite (previous education, work experience, background knowledge). If the knowledge level is Basic or Overview and no prerequisites are required, please state "None". To update this information within your session, please contact
  6. Session presentations must be uploaded to your session by Friday, May 13, 2022.
  7. Attendees participating in the Interact CPE program MUST:
    • Complete the CPE Survey selecting the sessions you plan to attend by the end of the Interact 2022 conference (June 15, 2022).
    • Complete sing-in/out sheet for each CPE session you attend during the Interact 2022 conference.
  8. CPE is randomly audited by the National Association of State Boards for Accountancy (NASBA).
  9. The HIUG CPE Coordinator maintains CPE information for at least 5 years.
Community Chairs

If you need to contact your Community Chair for any reason you can find the necessary contact information here.


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The Interact Annual Conference is hosted in by the
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