Interact 2022

Health and Safety

Updated as of February 16, 2022

HIUG's number one priority is the health and safety of our event attendees and industry partners. Our goal is to hold a safe event, recognizing it is not possible to remove all risks, in particular concerning COVID-19. HIUG will put required measures in place to provide a safe environment for its event attendees. Policies for each meeting will be set according to CDC and public health recommendations, federal, state, and local regulations applicable at the time of the event, and what HIUG deems necessary to manage the risk for its event attendees. HIUG may change, update, or add to these requirements at any time as it deems prudent to best protect the health and safety of attendees and others, and attendees must comply with relevant policies and requirements as communicated by HIUG.

Vaccination Requirement

HIUG's guiding principle is to always prioritize the safety of our members, we are implementing the follow safety measures and will require all attendees of Interact in-person to comply with the following: 

  • Proof of vaccination will be required and verified prior to entrance.
    • Fully vaccinated status is defined as two weeks (14 full days) after having received the final required dose of a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognized COVID-19 vaccine.
    • You are required to complete your final vaccine no later than May 28, 2022, to be considered fully vaccinated for Interact 2022. If an Interact 2022 attendee, presenter, exhibitor, staff, or guest does not meet these requirements, they are NOT considered fully vaccinated and will not be permitted to attend the Interact 2022 conference.
  • Employer verified medical and religious exemptions will be accepted and will need to be presented for Interact badge pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will HIUG require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination for all attendees?

HIUG is requiring all Interact 2022 attendees, presenters, exhibitors, staff and guests to be FULLY vaccinated or have an employer verified medical or religious exemption prior to attending Interact 2022.

  • Acceptable Proof of Vaccination
  • CDC Vaccination Card, digital photo or photocopy of this card is acceptable.

I am not vaccinated and do not plan to be, how can I attend?

HIUG is requiring all Interact 2022 attendees, presenters, exhibitors, staff, and guests to be fully vaccinated or have an employer verified medical or religious exemption prior to attending Interact 2022 in Miami, Florida from June 12-15, 2022. At this time, we will not be offering a virtual component to Interact 2022.

How will Interact 2022 verify my COVID-19 vaccination?

When you register for the Interact 2022 conference you will need to certify that you are fully vaccinated or have an employer verified medical or religious exemption. Proof of full vaccination or exemption will be required and verified prior to entrance to the venue.


You will not be required to wear a mask while presenting your session at Alliance 2022 We ask that if you choose not to wear one during this time, to stay near the front of the room in order to social distance from session attendees.


Safety at Interact

Welcome! Miami is known for its diversity and friendliness. Easily walkable, the city offers countless attractions and experiences. Nevertheless, it’s always good to take precautions when visiting a new city.   
To ensure safer travels not only here, but anywhere you may visit, we offer some suggestions and resources below.

Be Smart, Be Safe: Follow the below tips to keep safe on Miami busy streets
  • Remove your conference badge when walking around town. 
  • Safety in numbers: Explore the city with a friend or colleague.
  • Walk with purpose and in well-lit areas and on main streets.  
  • If alone after dark, use a ride service such as Lyft, Uber or a cab. 
  • Put the address and phone number of where you’re staying in your phone.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes up and not on your phone.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, walk into a business/hotel for help. 
  • Be careful and alert when using a cash machine. 
  • Carry your purse or wallet safely. Purses should be closed, held in front of your body. Wallets should be carried in a front pants pocket or in an interior jacket pocket. 

Filing an Incident Report

If you have been a part of or a witness to an incident at an Interact event, we ask that you complete a report to document the incident. Incident Report forms are available at the show office or you may download a copy.

Still, have questions regarding your health and safety at Interact 2022? Email us at