Interact 10


Below is a list of all our participating sponsors and exhibitors.
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  Exhibitor Profiles

 Sponsorship LevelCompany NameBooth #Web site  Logo
Diamond Sponsors
 Diamond Oracle 203 Oracle Healthcare
 Gold Sponsors
 Gold Deloitte 217 Deloitte
 Gold Prodigo 303 Prodigo
Silver Sponsors
 Silver Rimini Street, Inc. 103 Rimini Street
 Silver Zanett 216 Zanett Healthcare
 Silver Perceptive Software 205

Perceptive Software
 Silver CedarCrestone 204 CedarCrestone
 Silver Maverick Solutions LLC 210 Maverick Solutions
 Silver Peopleclick Authoria 315 Peopleclick Authoria
 Silver Fujitsu 308 Fujitsu
 Silver Gideon Taylor 111 Gideon Taylor
 Executive Symposium Sponsor
 Executive Symposium Deloitte 217 Deloitte
 Pillar Sponsors
 SCM PIllar SciQuest, Inc. 309 SciQuest
 HCM PIllar Zanett 216 Zanett Healthcare
Green Sponsors
 Lanyard/Badgeholder Rimini Street, Inc. 103  Rimini Street
 Notepads & Pens Prodigo 303 Prodigo
 Water Bottles Collaborative Solutions 312 Collab Solutions
Bronze Sponsors
 Bronze Huron Consulting Group 307 Huron
 Bronze GNC Consulting 316 GNC Consulting
 Bronze Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.

 304 Smart ERP
 Bronze HighJump Software 206 HighJump
 Bronze Ranzal & Associates 317 Ranzal
 Bronze Edict Systems Inc./Merkur Group 207 Edict
 Bronze AtPar, Inc. 215 AtPar
 Bronze Enwisen, Inc. 208 Enwisen
 Bronze HyperGen, Inc. 105 HyperGen
 Bronze Runner Technologies, Inc. 117  Runner Technologies, Inc.
 Bronze CherryRoad Technologies Inc.
 306 Cherry Road Techmologies
 Bronze GHX 214 www, GHX
 Bronze ISA Consulting 213 ISA Consulting
 Bronze RCM Technologies, Inc. 209 RCM Technologies
 Bronze The Hacket Group 212 Hackett Group
 Bronze SciQuest, Inc. 309 SciQuest
 Bronze Summit Technology, Inc. 213 Summit Technology, Inc.
 Bronze AT&T 107 AT&T
 Bronze Sierra Atlantic 115 Sierra Atlantic
 Bronze PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 211  pwc
 Bronze Oracular, Inc. 310 Oracular
 Bronze Collaborative Solutions 312 Collab Solutions
 Bronze Analytics Partners 314 Analytics Partners
 Bronze BTRG, Inc. 311 BTRG
 Bronze IBM Software Group 109 IBM
 Bronze Accenture 113 Accenture



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