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Welcome to HIUG.Online! You have recently become a member and we would like to share a few helpful hints on using the site. HIUG.Online is a powerful tool with numerous options to cater to you, so we encourage you to spend some time exploring the site to discover what is most beneficial to your needs.

Help Sections

My Options – If you need to update your profile, change your password, or manage your subscriptions you can do it all from the My Options drop down on the upper right side of the screen. There are two areas to note here, the first being your My Profile. HIUG encourages all members to keep their information up to date on the site. The second is the user My Page, the My Page is the information that other users will see about you. You can control what information they see by editing the visibility settings on your Page.

Need to Reset Your Password? If you forget your password click the Username and/or Password help to have your password emailed directly to you.

Other Helpful Areas to Visit:

  • Communities- Communicate with other HIUG members that have common interests with yourself. On the community page you can view the community blog from the Advisory Group managing that community, have access to participate in the forum, download files, and more
  • HIUG Education Series- Webinars and Trainings on the on HIUG.Online tools, products, and best practices
  • Blogs- Latest updates and posts from the HIUG President, Executive Director, Tips & Tricks for the site, and many more
  • Past & Future Conferences- Visit this page for information on the current Alliance conference.
  • Enhancement Tracker- Do you have a suggested enhancement with an Oracle Application you think would be beneficial, or want to see what others are suggesting? Enhancement Tracker allows you to vote on and submit enhancements to Oracle software.

HIUG.Online has a lot of information to offer and it may take some time to fully explore all that is on the site but it is beneficial to know how to make the tools work best for you. Remember you can always contact with any questions or feedback. Welcome again!

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