Get the Most From Communities


A community's landing page is where members can stay up-to-date with community-related news, announcements, upcoming community events and meetings, and more.

On the Communities Home page, you will see a list of buttons on the left representing each of the Community Families that have been created on your site. A Community Family is simply a logical grouping of communities; they help keep your communities organized and easy to find for your users (e.g., all of HIUG's international communities are located in the Regional Networking Groups family, etc.).

Each community can have its own homepage with different Meetings, Forums, File Libraries, Polls and links.

Adding Communities to your Favorites

A great way to stay up-to-date with a community's activities and content is to add it to your Favorites. This will allow you to quickly access the community from the Navigation Bar and receive daily, weekly, or monthly emails containing any new community-related content.

There are two ways to add a community to your Favorites:

  1. Directly from the community's landing page.
  2. From your My Favorites page.

From a Landing Page

To add a community to your Favorites from its landing page:

  1. Navigate to the desired community's landing page.
  2. Click Add to Favorites at the top of the page.

From your My Favorites Page

To add a community to your Favorites from your My Favorites page:

  1. Select My Favorites from your My Options menu.
  2. Click the Edit Favorites/Notifications button.
  3. Click the Add button in the Communities area to display the Add Favorite pop-up. Then, use the available menus to select the desired community and notification period, and then click OK to add the community as a Favorite.

The community is now added to your Favorites, and is easily accessible via the Navigation Bar or this page.