Get the Most From Forums

Forums Module

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is displayed not only on the landing page but on all pages within the module, and contains the following options:

  • Forums Home: Navigate to the Forums landing page.
  • Search: Search the module for specific content. Refer to the Search Page section below for more information.
  • Favorite Topics: Provides access to any forums you have added to your Favorites (if any).
  • Posts in Favorites: Provides access to any posts you have added to your Favorites (if any).
  • My Subscriptions: View and manage all of your forum and thread subscriptions. Refer to the Subscribing to Forums & Threads page for more information.
  • Options: Allows you to:
    • RSS Feeds: View all forums with an available RSS feed. Refer to the Using RSS Feeds section below for more information.
    • Latest Posts: View the latest posts on your site.
    • Latest Threads: View the latest threads on your site.
    • Latest Unread Threads: View the latest threads you have not yet read.
    • Mark All Topics as Read: Marks all forum topics as read.

Posting to the Forums

While forums are a great place to ask questions, they also allow you to post threads to share your knowledge and help others. Perhaps you want to provide helpful advice or answer questions posted by other members of your site; in forums, you can do all of this and more.

Post a Thread Online

If you have a simple question use the new “Quick Post” feature on the topic page, when you click the Send button you will have the option to post or edit your thread. To post a thread, navigate to the desired forum and click Add a Thread in the left menu area.

On the resulting page, enter a subject for your thread, write your message, include attachments, if desired, and configure whether users can subscribe to the thread.

When finished, there are four options available to you at the bottom of the page:

  • Post Thread: Post your thread.
  • Preview Thread: Preview your thread (this option is helpful to ensure the accuracy of your thread before posting).
  • Send Test Email: Send an email of your thread to your profile's email address, allowing you to see how your thread looks in email format before posting.
  • Cancel: Cancel your thread.

Reply to a Thread

If you read a post and decide you want to contribute to the conversation, you have two options:

  1. Click Reply to reply to the post without including the original post. Your reply will be added to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click Quote Reply to not only reply to the post but also include it in your reply. This option is generally recommended, because when you reply to a post, it is added to the bottom of the page and readers may lose the context of your response. Replying via this option, your readers can read the post you are replying to, making it easier for them to understand your response.

You can also post replies to threads through your email.

Subscribing to Forums & Threads

While browsing the forums and threads on your site, you may come across some that interest you; if so, you can subscribe to them to both post and receive posts directly from your email without even having to log in, making it easy to stay up-to-date on a thread's activity.

Subscribing to a Forum
  • To subscribe to a forum, navigate to it and click Subscribe to Topic icon in the left menu.
Subscribing to a Thread
  • To subscribe to a thread, navigate to it and click Subscribe to Thread icon in the left menu.
Your My Subscriptions Page
  • Your My Subscriptions page lists any forums, announcement lists, and threads you have subscribed to, and allows you to easily manage how to receive new content from them via the delivery method of your choice.

You can access your My Subscriptions page from anywhere on the Socious Toolset by selecting My Subscriptions from your My Options menu at the top of the window. Refer to the My Subscriptions page to learn how to view, manage, and add new subscriptions from your My Subscriptions page.