The Healthcare Industry User Group Sponsorship Network

The HIUG website is supported by the generosity of our vendor partners. We would like to thank those sponsors for the additional support to ensure a year long experience for our members.

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Company Services Description
Lexmark.jpg Software, Hardware Oracle Cloud solutions empower healthcare organizations to thrive in today’s highly competitive performance culture. With SaaS applications for every aspect of the enterprise, Oracle helps LOB leaders deliver the experiences patients expect, the talent to succeed, and the performance the market demands. Increased data visibility, easy to integrate applications, mobility, and end-to-end security provide the confidence leaders need to drive modern business. Oracle for Healthcare is a comprehensive set of solutions designed to help healthcare providers and payers increase business performance and integrate business processes across the entire healthcare continuum. Solutions include: Human Resources Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Accounting, Clinical Analysis, Corporate Governance, Customer Relationship Management, Health Information Exchange, Health Insurance Exchange and Payer Solutions, Integrated Business and Clinical Decision Support, IT Infrastructure, Lower Cost and Improved Care Collaboration, Materials Management, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Applications, Patient Data Management, Patient Experience and Quality of Care, Performance Management and Business Intelligence Procurement


Company Services Description
GreyHeller.jpg Software We protect and extend PeopleSoft customers’ investment in their PeopleSoft systems. Based on our ongoing strong relationship with Oracle, PeopleSoft customers come to us with requirements best solved by flexible, packaged software rather than custom code. Drawing from our deep PeopleSoft roots, we engineer lightweight yet powerful software solutions that deliver real benefits in the areas of Mobile, Security and Version Control/Application Change Management.
Barcoding.jpg Software Founded by Jay Steinmetz in a small apartment in Baltimore, Maryland, Barcoding, Inc.’s mission remains: Develop a consistently profitable, growth oriented and sustainable company that provides opportunity for personal success for all of its employees while positively impacting customers, business partners and social communities. With dedicated practices in Data Capture, Supply Chain Architecture, RFID, Consumables, Software and Professional Services, Barcoding impacts tens of thousands of organizations across the globe, helping them increase revenue, reduce operational costs and improve their customers’ experiences.
Ciber.jpg Consulting Ciber is a recognized leader in providing consultation, services and solutions to Healthcare providers.  Our Healthcare practice is comprised of dedicated consultants with extensive knowledge of E-Business Suite, Hyperion, and PeopleSoft software. Ciber’s consultants have practical experience in Healthcare, with an average of 7 1/2 years as practitioners in the industry prior to becoming consultants. We have a strong understanding of your real business needs and constraints. Ciber’s clients benefit from the most experienced, highly skilled implementation team members, as well as the best in class, best value software solutions.
Deloitte.jpg Consulting Oracle’s first Global Cloud Elite partner, Deloitte and its member firms provide access to professionals who possess deep knowledge across Oracle Cloud applications and technology. Taking your organization somewhere it’s never been before? Get There with Deloitte + Oracle.

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Huron.jpg Consulting

Huron helps hospitals and health systems activate technology to transform business processes and enable efficiencies that build a competitive market advantage. Our understanding of the functions supporting your mission enable us to partner with your team from assessment through implementation. With insight from our work with more than 450 healthcare organizations, Huron has developed best practices and a tailored solution around large-scale ERP and EPM planning, implementation and upgrade projects in financials, supply chain, HCM, grants, planning/budgeting and costing/allocations. Transitioning to Oracle Cloud simplifies your IT infrastructure, consolidates your ERP data, standardizes your business processes and ultimately enables your organization to focus on more mission-driven initiatives like providing high-quality patient care.

KPMG_NoCP_CMYK_US_283.jpg Consulting From business consulting to enabling technologies, Zanett helps our healthcare clients identify opportunities to better utilize technology for making improvements that ultimately enhance patient care, reduce costs, and create efficiencies. Zanett offers solutions such as Human Capital Management, Finance and Compliance, Business Intelligence, Clinical Systems Integration and Implementation, Secure Physician Portals, and Order Set Management/CPOE. For more information, visit or
RFsmart.jpg Software, Hardware Healthcare providers have unique inventory requirements. RF-SMART provides mobile PAR functionality specific to Oracle SCM Cloud that improves efficiency and accuracy for your storerooms, carts and other PAR locations to warehouses or distribution facilities. We also provide a robust delivery confirmation tool to better manage central receiving. Visit to learn how RF-SMART can help you improve your materials management in the cloud.