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The HIUG.Online is the BEST way to reach over 3,800 healthcare customers to market your products and services.


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  • Communicate with over 3,800 HIUG members through our online Forums and email lists. Showcase the knowledge and expertise your company can provide directly to the healthcare
  • Promote your company and the products and services your company provides to the healthcare sector directly to those that can use it. Vendors can showcase their expertise and market success through posting of press releases, send targeted emails, responding to member questions in the Forums, and even promote special events (or your intended presence at the Interact conference) by posting them in the membership
  • Develop brand awareness with our members by having your logo on HIUG Online, adding a tagline to HIUG Online bulk emails, banner advertisements, and more!
  • Send targeted emails to all members of our community to promote your (3 Per Year)
  • List company events for all members to see on their personal calendar when they
  • Post your news and press releases in the members’ database. No longer will potential customers have to come to your website to see your news
  • Post your marketing materials in our File Library. Members will get your information in their search results and your information can get into the hands of users that you may not have known were looking for a product or
  • Inclusion in the HIUG Online Vendor List - where your corporate profile and corporate website link are available exclusively to all HIUG