Interact Sponsorship Pricing and Options

Package Price $17,500 $13,000 $8,500 $6,500
Booth Size 10'x20' 10'x20' 10'x10' 10'x10'
* Upgrade to 10'x20' N/A N/A $2,500 $2,500
Exhibitor Registrations Included1 10 7 4 2
Logo and Link on Conference Website
Listed on Entrance Unit & in Program
Inclusion on Bingo Game Card
Sponsor Profile Included on Mobile App
Pre-Conference Attendee List
Post-Conference Attendee List
Logo on Entrance Unit Large Medium Medium Small
Major Sponsor Recognition on Conf. Website N/A N/A
Recognition During Opening General Session N/A N/A N/A
Community (Track) Sponsorship Opportunity Included2 Add-On N/A N/A
Co-Sponsorship Recognition Included3 N/A N/A
Vendor Session Community Session 1 $1,250 $1,250
One Coupon Book Advertisement $350 $350
Lead Retrieval Unit 1 1 0 0
HIUG Online Subscription Discount4 50% 50% 50% 50%
  1. Exhibitor Registrations include access to Exhibit Hall, meals, access to sessions, attendee bag, and Tuesday Closing Event. They do not include any of the Sunday activities. Exhibitors wishing to participate in the Sunday Activities must purchase the "Sunday Activity" add-on for each attendee that requires it.  This is a $100 Add-On p.p.  Note: All sponsor attendees must stay at the host hotel, otherwise an additional fee applies.  See Registration Information & Rates online for full details.
  2. Community Sponsors may select one for 4 available - HCM, FM, SCM, and Tech. Includes providing a 5 minute Welcome Message during Community General Session on Monday plus a one hour session slot within the Community schedule.
  3. Gold Sponsors will receive onsite recognition as co-sponsors of the Monday Lunch & Tuesday Lunch; Silver Sponsors will receive onsite recovnition as co-sponsors of the Sunday Opening Reception.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

The following additional sponsorship opportunities are available to our Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsors :

Community (Track) Sponsorships - $2,500

Community Sponsorship opportunities are included with the Platinum level sponsorship package. They may also be purchased individually as an Add-On by our Gold Sponsors (not available to Silver or Bronze level sponsors). Communities available are SCM, HCM, Finance, and Technology. Sponsorship includes welcome remarks at opening session for your sponsored Community plus 1 session included in the Community regular schedule.

Vendor Presentation - $1,250

A one hour session to be available during conference for all attendees . Vendor session availability is extremely limited so be sure to book early. (Note: Platinum sponsorship level already includes one session as part of the Community/SIG sponsorship benefits, and Gold sponsorship level includes one vendor session as part of the Gold level benefits).

Mobile App Main Sponsor - $2,000

Only 1 main sponsorship is available and it includes a Button Ad on the conference website as the mobile app sponsor, 1 Banner Ad on the mobile app, and 1 push message to attendees on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday during the conference.

Mobile App Banner Ad Sponsor - $750

Only 3 of these are available and they include 1 Banner Ad on the mobile app as well as 1 push message on to attendees on your choice of Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday (subject to availability as these are offered first come, first served)

Community Corner Sponsorship - $1,500

Exclusive sponsorship of conference Community Corner. This will include the Cyber Café as well as the Community Corner Charging Station. The Interact 2018 Community Corner was a major hub of activity during the conference. As the 2019 sponsor of this area you will receive onsite recognition as the Community Corner/Cyber Café sponsor, including your corporate logo or message on the Charging Station.

Refreshment Break Sponsor - $1,000

Exclusive sponsorship for ALL morning or ALL afternoon breaks. Your sponsorship will be recognized with signage during the morning or afternoon break, depending upon your selection. $1,000 for all morning breaks, or all afternoon breaks.

Breakfast Sponsor - $1,000

Exclusive sponsorship for ALL (3 days) breakfasts. Your sponsorship will be recognized with signage during breakfast each day. 

Coupon Book Entry - $350

Designed to fit inside the attendee badgeholder, the Coupon Book can be easily carried with them throughout the conference. The coupon book will contain valuable conference related information for the attendees as well as sponsor coupons. Coupons can be used to advertise your products or services, advertise sessions, direct traffic to your booth by using it as a draw ticket, etc. Platinum & Gold – first insert included; additional inserts. Bronze & Silver each insert

Sunday Activities - $100

The Exhibitor Registrations included with your sponsorship provide for access to Exhibit Hall, meals, sessions, attendee bag, and the Closing Event/Party on Tuesday evening. They do not include any Sunday Activities such as Golf. Exhibitors wishing to participate in the Sunday Activities can purchase the “Sunday Activities” add-on for each of their attendees that require it.

Water Bottle Sponsorship - $1,500

Sponsorship of attendee water bottles (Max. 2 sponsors); logo stamped on all bottles; also includes onsite sponsorship recognition.

Conference Bag Sponsorship - $1,500

Sponsorship of conference attendee bags (Max. 2 sponsors). Your corporate logo and tagline will be appear on the bags along with the Interact 2019 conference logo.  Also includes onsite sponsorship recognition.

Lanyard/ID Badge Sponsorship - $3,000

Sponsorship of conference attendee lanyards & id badges; also includes onsite sponsorship recognition.

A Note To Our Sponsors Regarding Booth Draws

While all of our sponsors are welcome to have a booth drawing, it is important to note that as the draw sponsor it is your responsibility to conduct the draw and to ensure that the prize is delivered to the winner (either onsite or by shipping it to them). Vendors are also welcome to conduct their draws during the Monday or Tuesday lunch periods in the lunch seating area – a microphone will be provided for those wishing to do so. HIUG cannot conduct draws or announce draw results on behalf on our sponsors.