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Interact 2020 Virtual Event

Why A Virtual Conference?

With the rapidly changing and uncertain work landscape, the importance of networking and professional development remains as critical as ever. While nothing will ever replace face-to-face interactions, new technologies are now available that allow us to overcome distance and other restrictions placed upon us in order to allow the HIUG membership to attend sessions and engage in meaningful dialogs.

In these challenging and exceptional times, healthcare industry professionals need a place to come together more than ever. Join us this September for the first ever Interact Virtual Event. The value for your institution’s investment is huge – professional development with no travel costs, hotel stays or meals to expense. While we can’t offer you a party or an in-person meeting with trusted colleagues, we can provide you with the same superb content you’ve come to expect from this world-class event as well as valuable networking opportunities.

The Interact Conference has always been most of all about sharing innovations, collaborating with peers and finding the inspiration that comes from learning about creative solutions. That focus will never change.

We hope to see you soon (virtually)!


10 Reasons YOU should Attend the Interact 2020 Virtual Event

1  Access the whole event from the comfort of your own home or office

2  Juggle work demands with conference attendance

3  Access all conference materials and audio online after the event

4  Show your boss demonstrable cost savings in straightened and trying times

5  Connect with a larger and more global audience, many of whom may have not attended due to cost and travel constraints

6 Use the time you would be traveling to report back to colleagues on the key lessons

7  Easily locate conference attendees and arrange a conference call, rather than searching hotel lobbies for your clients

8  Learn new skills in managing virtual technologies and online tools

9  Catch up on missed events in the evening or your free time

10  It's completely FREE!

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